The benefits of window films for your Canberra home

 The benefits of EnerLogic 

If you are looking for a high performance window film, you are in the right place at any window tinting. The fitting of EnerLogic to either a single or double glazed clear window unit will effectively upgrade its efficiency without the cost, inconvenience, or environmental impact of window replacements.

That’s only the beginning! EnerLogic actually transforms poorly insulated windows, making them highly energy efficient. Once the system has been professionally applied, it can make a staggering average annual insulation improvement of up to 92%, as compared with the same glass in an untreated state.

If that isn’t enough, there are further savings to be made in terms of time, money, and environmental impact, as a result of not having to manufacture replacement windows. Greenhouse gases are produced in the manufacture of new windows and frames, whilst the disposal of the then redundant materials also impacts the environment in landfill and transport.

If You Want To Turn Your Existing Windows And Glass Doors Into An Energy Saving System.
Start Benefitting From EnerLogic’s Energy-Efficient Properties From The Minute The Product Is Installed. 

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